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LIAISON® Bone & Mineral Diagnostic Solution

The testing solutions for the detection of 1 - 84 PTH, N-TACT PTH, BAP OSTASE, OSTEOCALCIN, FGF 23.
Statement of calcium and phosphorus metabolism is necessary for the diagnosis of CKD, hyperparathyroidism and hypoparathyroidism, or other calcium metabolism disorders.

Our fully automated bone and mineral CLIA testing portfolio provides a clinical picture of the patient with CKD, hyperparathyroidism and hypoparathyroidism, or other calcium metabolism disorders.
The LIAISON® testing solutions (1 - 84 PTH, N-TACT PTH, BAP OSTASE, OSTEOCALCIN, FGF 23) can aid in assessing the calcium and phosphorus metabolic status.



A quantitative 3rd gen. assay for the determination of 1-84 PTH without cross reaction to 7-84 and other PTH fragments for use in the assessment of calcium and phosphorus metabolic disorders.



A quantitative 2nd gen. assay for the determination of the human PTH for use in assessment of calcium and phosphorus metabolic disorders.



A quantitative assay for the determination of Bone Alkaline Phosphatase (BAP) as an aid in the management of osteoporosis and Paget’s disease.



A quantitative assay for the determination of osteocalcin to assist in the diagnosis of postmenopausal osteoporosis and in the management of conditions involving an excess or deficiency of osteocalcin.



The first innovative and fully automated quantitative assay for the determination of FGF 23 protein for phosphate and vitamin D metabolism related diseases 

Indications for use


Quantitative assays for the management of bone and calcium metabolism related diseases

Target patient


Use area

Endocrinology, nephrology, gynecology, geriatric medicine and Internal medicine

LIAISON® Diagnostic Solution for the diagnosis of bone metabolism disorders - Diasorin


Comprehensive menu for the management of bone and mineral related disorders

LIAISON® Bone & Mineral Diagnostic Solution includes valuable tools for the assessment of bone turnover and primary/secondary hyperparathyroidism. Diasorin offers a specialty line of bone and mineral assays providing accuracy and reliability in the management of bone and mineral related diseases.
The expertise in PTH assays, reliability for BAP and osteocalcin together with the test that can determine FGF 23 protein concentration make Diasorin the partner of choice for your bone and mineral testing needs.

How it works

The 1.84 PTH assay is used for the quantitative determination of 1-84 PTH, whereas N-TACT PTH measures 1.84 + 7-84 PTH and other inactive fragments.
1-84 PTH has 0% cross-reactivity to 7-84 and other fragments and is 100% specific to 1.84 PTH. Both assays are useful markers for PTH testing. 

A fully automated PTH proposal for assessment of calcium metabolic disorders



Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of hypercalcemia..



Diagnosis of primary and secondary hyperparathyroidism.


Renal osteodystrophy

Monitoring of end stage renal failure patient for possible renal osteodystrophy.

Osteocalcin correlates with alkaline phosphatase. Osteocalcin has the important advantage of being a specific marker for bone disease, while Bone Alkaline Phosphatase (BAP) is a serum marker for osteoblastic bone formation. The concentration of BAP in human serum correlates with the rate of skeletal osteoblastic bone formation.

A fully automated solution for assessment of bone turnover 



Monitoring treatment in adults with osteoporosis.


Paget’s disease

Diagnosis and treatment of Paget’s disease.


Renal osteodystrophy

Differentiation of renal osteodystrophy.


Cancer bone metastases

Monitoring of cancer bone metastases.

Use of LIAISON® technology for the diagnosis of bone metabolism disorders - Diasorin

Why use LIAISON® Bone & Mineral Diagnostic Solution

A fully automated 1 - 84 PTH assay with no cross-reactivity with inactive 7-84 PTH fragments

The LIAISON® 1 - 84 PTH assay is an innovative 3rd Generation test highly specific for the active PTH molecule, removing the uncertainty and variability that physicians face when measuring PTH with an intact assay. 

A fully automated N-TACT PTH assay of intact human parathyroid hormone

The LIAISON® N-TACT PTH assay is a 2nd generation test for the detection of the intact human parathyroid hormone in differential diagnosis of hypercalcemia and hypocalcemia resulting from disorders of calcium metabolism.

To be used on

Designed for both specialty and routine tests, LIAISON® XL and LIAISON® XS immunoassay analyzers help your laboratory handle multiple patients and tests simultaneously. LIAISON® systems are trustworthy, intuitive and deliver automated continuous operation with minimal user intervention. The result is reduced turnaround time, optimal cost management and unmatched growth potential.

Fully Automated LIAISON® XL System - Diasorin


Designed for large laboratories. Fuse the benefits of high throughput and high sensitivity within a powerful and fully automated system that can seamlessly connect to facilitate Total Laboratory Automation. 

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Fully Automated LIAISON® XS System - Diasorin


A fully automated, easy-to-use benchtop analyzer. Maximize productivity with optimal cost management, no daily maintenance, straightforward integration, and the same capabilities as Diasorin’s high-throughput analyzers. 

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