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Pinocchio Project

Improving the lives of children in hospitals

About the project

The “Pinocchio Project” was created to improve the quality of life of children in hospital settings in the areas of education, medical care and diagnostic tests. The whole thing is made possible by the support of sponsor companies, including Diasorin, a major donor.

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Hospital wards decorated


Machines donated

The project in brief

Major Donor

Serene therapy experience

In 2022, Diasorin supported the development of a project for younger patients in the name of cutting-edge technology, to be implemented in 2023. As a result of our contribution, the Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital in Turin will be equipped with an innovative tool for rehabilitation. The medical device is the most advanced, complete and clinically proven virtual reality system for rehabilitation and tele-rehabilitation in the world.

Designed as a central hub, to which a series of specialist peripheral devices can be connected, the single unit is equipped with a vast library of exercises, and can deliver up to 20 different rehabilitation modules. An innovative machine that offers the possibility – including remotely – to monitor the exercises and progress of young patients, to provide them with peace of mind in their everyday family lives.

VRRS Evo can be used for the rehabilitation of a wide spectrum of conditions courtesy of its wide range of modules: Motor, Cognitive, Speech Therapy, Phonation, Dynamic and Static Postural, Facial, Hand & Wrist, Cardiorespiratory, Orthopedic, EMG, Isoinertial tDCS, immersive VR, augmented reality and more.

Also as a result of Diasorin’s commitment, the new device will become part of a fully renovated rehabilitation space consisting of playful and fun settings, to welcome young patients into a child-friendly environment.