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Hepatitis and retroviruses

Hepatitis and retroviruses

Accurately differentiate hepatitis and retroviruses with the most comprehensive portfolio of automated CLIA immunoassays.
Our complete hepatitis & retroviruses solution ensures accurate detection and screening for laboratories.   
The high-quality diagnostic results also support treatment decisions and clinical follow-up of infected patient.

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LIAISON® Hepatitis Diagnostic Solution

Viral hepatitis infection is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Accurate and early diagnosis reduces the risk of transmission and supports effective patient management.

The complete solution for a reliable differentiation among five viral hepatitis infections, including Hepatitis Delta and E detection.
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LIAISON® Retroviruses Diagnostic Solution

Human retroviruses are mainly associated with cancer development and immunological conditions. Early diagnosis and treatment of both HIV and HTLV are a major challenge for clinicians worldwide. The diagnostic solution for retroviruses enables early viral detection and supports the clinical management of the patient.
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Other technologies

Easily implement the ELISA Murex on the fully automated ETI-MAX 3000.

Murex HBsAg Version 3 & Confirmatory

Murex anti-HBc (total)

Murex anti-HCV (version 4.0)

Murex HCV Ag/Ab Combination

Murex HIV Ag/Ab Combination

Murex HTLV I + II

ICE Syphilis

HCV Blot 3.0 (anti-HCV)

HIV Blot 2.2 (anti-HIV-1/2)

HIV-1 BLOT 1.3 (anti-HIV-1)

HIV-2 BLOT 1.2 (anti-HIV-2)

HTLV BLOT 2.4 (anti-HTLV-I/II)