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The VERIGENE® System

The sample-to-answer, economical, multiplex choice

Enabling clinicians to rapidly identify the pathogens responsible for some of the most complex, costly, and deadly infectious diseases. The VERIGENE® system provides flexible solutions that allow for closer alignment with clinical and reimbursement guidelines.

VERIGENE® Sample To Answer Molecular Diagnostic Instrument - Diasorin
VERIGENE® Test Cartridges - Diasorin

VERIGENE® System main features



Automated sample preparation and test processing take place on the Processor SP, while the test cartridge is placed in the VERIGENE Reader for results.

Test Cartridge Is Placed In The VERIGENE® Reader - Diasorin
VERIGENE® Sample To Answer Molecular Diagnostic Instrument - Diasorin

Minimal hands-on time

All reagents come ready to use and set up time is less than five minutes for all tests.

VERIGENE® Bacteria And Virus Identification - Diasorin
VERIGENE® Sample To Answer Molecular Diagnostic Instrument - Diasorin

Easily expandable

Processor SPs are random access and can be easily added to the system to increase testing throughput as workflow needs change.

VERIGENE® Processor SP - Diasorin
VERIGENE® Sample To Answer Molecular Diagnostic Instrument - Diasorin

Direct detection or PCR

VERIGENE® is unique in that it can provide a molecular result with or without a PCR-amplification step.
Proprietary chemistry allows assays to be tailored to the sample type such as non-amplified blood culture tests.

Expert Using Diasorin VERIGENE® System - Diasorin
VERIGENE® Sample To Answer Molecular Diagnostic Instrument - Diasorin

Why choose

VERIGENE® rapidly detects pathogens and resistance markers for bloodstream, respiratory, and GI infections. These time-critical results allow clinicians to optimize therapy quickly, leading to better patient outcomes. Sample-to-answer workflow suits both hospital-based and centralized reference labs. 

Strong clinical value

Panels are designed to empower clinicians to make decisions that improve patient care and antimicrobial stewardship.  Assay targets are tailored to provide maximum impact, following current clinical guidelines.

Economically responsible

Multiplex panels that easily adapt to dynamic reimbursement guidelines.  Flexible respiratory testing allows clinicians to order targets by seasonality and patient demographics, while bloodstream infection tests are separated by Gram-stain to save cost.

Unique chemistry

PCR or direct DNA detection is independently used based on the best performance of a particular sample type. Direct DNA detection allows for better accuracy than universal bottle performance for Blood Culture assays.

Our VERIGNE® System Rapidly And Accurately Detects Infectious Pathogens - Diasorin

The VERIGENE® System ordering info

Part Name
Kit Size
Registration Status
Part Number


1 EA



VERIGENE® Sample Processor SP

1 EA



The VERIGENE® System technical specifications

Electrical and Mechanical Specifications

  VERIGENE® Reader VERIGENE® Sample Processor SP
Rated Voltage AC 100-200V AC 100-200V
Rated Frequency 50-60 Hz 50-60 Hz
Maximum Current 400 mAmps 1.9 Amps
Fuse 1.6A, 250V, fast-acting 2.5A, 250V, fast-acting
Width 298 mm (11.7 in) 194 mm (7.6 in)
Height 316 mm (12.4 in) 475 mm (18.7 in)
Depth 521 mm (20.5 in) 582 mm (22.9 in)
Weight 11.3 kg (25 lbs) 17.3 kg (38 lbs)

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