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Innovative multiplexing technologies

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xMAP® Connect 2024

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MagPlex® Microspheres - Exclusively from Luminex

Explore the complete range of xMAP MagPlex Microspheres to enable your research solutions.

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MagPlex® Microspheres offered Exclusively from Luminex - Diasorin


Technology you trust. Versatility you want.

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xMap Intelliflex: Multiplexing Platform For Accurate Protein Measurement - Diasorin

LuminexPLORE Lab

Looking for custom assay design and development services with unique targets in mind?

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LuminexPLORE Lab For Custom Assay Development Services - Diasorin

Luminex's xMAP® Technology - empowering innovation

Luminex's Licensed Technology Group, powered by proven xMAP® Technology, delivers innovation in scientific development that unlocks breakthroughs in both applied and basic research.

We provide tools to deliver fast and reliable answers to complex problems through innovative multiplexing technologies that collectively impact patients' health outcomes every day.


  • Transplant
  • Autoimmune
  • Infectious diseases
  • Oncology
  • Allergy​

Applied technologies

  • Microbiome
  • Food and feed testing​


  • Drug discovery
  • Drug and vaccine development​

Public health

  • Disease surveillance​


  • Identification of secreted proteins
  • Mechanism of action
  • MicroRNA analysis​

xMAP® Technology

xMAP® is the world’s most used
multiplexing technology

It allows researchers in healthcare, life sciences, public health, and academic settings to perform a wide range of protein- and nucleic acid-based multiplex assays.

xMAP® Technology enables testing for more biomarkers and the development of custom assays using less sample, time, and reagents. Researchers and clinicians who use xMAP® Technology can gain a better understanding of complex biological systems.

In addition to custom assays or assays developed by LuminexPLORE Lab, users can also order from thousands of predesigned Research-Use and Diagnostics-Use kits from our partners.

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LuminexPLORE Lab

LuminexPLORE Lab can help set you up for success with custom assay development services you can trust.

Our expert team of application scientists specializes in immunoassay and genomic assay development, leveraging industry-leading xMAP® and xTAG® technologies to support a broad range of scientific research applications.  Take advantage of our industry expertise in custom multiplex assay services designed to help you meet your specific research goals.  In a field defined by constant evolution, it’s vital to supply yourself with the best tools to meet tomorrow’s needs.

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xMAP® Kit Finder and xMAP® Cookbook - Diasorin

xMAP® Kit Finder and xMAP® Cookbook

xMAP® Kit Finder and xMAP® Cookbook allow researchers in healthcare, life sciences, public health, and academic settings to search thousands of commercially-available kits developed by our Partners or develop custom assays.

xMAP® Kit Finder searches for kits from Partners that include Active Motif®, Bio-Rad®, Invitrogen™ ProcartaPlex protein assays, Invitrogen™ QuantiGene Plex gene expression assay, MilliporeSigma®, R&D Systems®, and Prime Diagnostics WUR.

Partner Kits include content for Cat/Feline, Dog/Canine, Horse/Equine, Human, Monkey/Non-Human, Mouse/Murine, Multispecies, Pig/Porcine, Plant, Primate, and Rat/Murine sample types.


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xMAP® Kit Finder

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