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The Diagnostic Specialist

World leaders in the lab diagnostics market, we are specialists in the immunodiagnostics and molecular diagnostics segments and active in the Licensed Technology sector


We are world leaders in the laboratory diagnostics market and specialize in immunodiagnostics, a technology based on detecting antibodies and antigens to measure physiological function markers or show the presence of diseases in human fluid samples.

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Molecular Diagnostics

We empower healthcare providers with actionable information to drive excellence in patient care. Our flexible molecular tools detect clinically relevant pathogens in biological specimens using advanced targeted and multiplex technologies

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Luminex LTG

We help scientists find rapid and reliable answers to complex biological questions with a range of industry-leading platforms serving various markets including biomedical, genome and proteome research, clinical diagnostics and the discovery of drugs.

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Latest solutions

LIAISON® Legionella Urinary Ag

LIAISON® Legionella Urinary Ag

Memed BV® Solutions To Identify Bacterial And Viral Infections - Diasorin


Easily identify the etiology of viral and bacterial infections in under one hour

Simplexa® Cytomegalovirus Test - Diasorin

Simplexa® Congenital CMV Direct Kit

Direct detection of cytomegalovirus DNA in saliva swab and urine speciment

Experts Using Diasorin xMAP INTELLIFLEX® System - Diasorin


Technology you trust. Versatility you want



A powerful solution for Emergency Department (ED) decision-making


LIAISON® Calprotectin

When patients present with symptoms of bowel disease, a correct diagnosis becomes a challenge


LIAISON® QuantiFERON® TB-Gold Plus

Empowering worldwide tuberculosis detection

Memed BV® Solutions To Identify Bacterial And Viral Infections - Diasorin

Simplexa™ COVID-19 & Flu A/B Direct

Differential identification of the most prevalent respiratory viruses.

Laboratory Diagnostic Specialist - Diasorin

Simplexa® HSV 1 & 2 Direct Kit

A comprehensive HSV molecular test for CSF, cutaneous and mucocutaneous swab samples

LuminexPLORE Lab Solutions - Diasorin

LuminexPLORE Lab

Looking for custom assay design and development services with unique targets in mind?

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