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xMAP® applications

Immunoassays and nucleic acid assays

xMAP® Technology supports both immunoassays and nucleic acid applications.

Luminex xMAP® Applications - Diasorin

xMAP® Technology is commonly used for:

  • Biomarker characterization
  • Identification of secreted proteins
  • Mechanism of action studies
  • Patient stratification
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Gene expression analysis
  • Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection
  • Pathogen detection and typing
  • Exosome studies
  • MicroRNA analysis

xMAP® in action

Explore xMAP® Technology and discover some of the many applications used
by multiplexing research experts across the globe.


Bead-Based Multiplexing vs. Electrochemiluminescence

Bead-based multiplexing offers significantly higher plex capacity, requires less hands-on time and delivers superior results compared to traditional methods.

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xMAP® Assay Automation

Automation can boost productivity, minimize errors, and save on reagents.

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By using xMAP® Technology, researchers can consolidate multiple assays into one for more efficient immune response studies.

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For immunoassays, the capture sandwich format is commonly used for xMAP® protein assays, where the analyte is “sandwiched” between a capture and detection antibody. The capture sandwich format is compatible with a wide variety of target analytes.

A competitive format is used when the target analyte has a low molecular weight and only one or two antibody-binding epitopes or if only one antibody is available. Competitive xMAP® assays can be developed using either antibody-coupled or antigen-coupled beads and can be multiplexed with the capture sandwich format in the same assay.

An indirect format is used for serological assays to measure the amount of antigen-specific antibody present in biological samples. Once a format has been chosen, the beads can be coupled to the proteins used in the assay.

xMAP® Immunoassays Capture Sandwich Format Is Commonly Used for xMAP® Protein Assays - Diasorin

Nucleic Acid Assays

The open architecture of xMAP® Technology enables numerous nucleic acid assay applications. Multiplex nucleic acid assays are developed by coupling user-defined sequence-specific capture oligos to MagPlex® beads or using MagPlex®-TAG™ beads that are already coupled to unique 24-base DNA sequences (anti-TAGs).

Luminex xMAP® Nucleic Acid Assays - Diasorin

What can be coupled to beads

What can be coupled to beads

LuminexPLORE Lab

Looking for custom assay design and development services with unique targets in mind? Discover the LuminexPLORE Lab and partner with the xMAP® multiplexing industry experts.

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xMAP® Kit Finder

xMAP® Technology is an open multiplexing platform used in hundreds of commercial immunoassay kits. Industry leading manufacturers offer xMAP® Technology assay kits. To find them, use our xMAP® Kit Finder.

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