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The broadest range of specialized diagnostic solutions

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Bacterial or viral?

Easily identify the etiology of viral and bacterial infections in under 1 hour

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Memed® BV® Diagnostic Solutions - Diasorin


A powerful solution for Emergency Department (ED) decision-making

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LIAISON® BRAHMS MR-proADM™ Diagnostic Solution - Diasorin

LIAISON® Calprotectin

When patients present with symptoms of bowel disease, a correct diagnosis becomes a challenge

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LIAISON® Calprotectin Diagnostic Test - Diasorin


Empowering worldwide tuberculosis detection

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QuantiFERON TB-Gold Plus - Diasorin

LIAISON® Legionella Urinary Ag

Pneumonia - Discover the origin now

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Legionella Urinary

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The broadest range of
specialized diagnostic solutions
in the immunodiagnostics market

Diasorin is committed to improving healthcare by providing an unparalleled portfolio of exclusive, high-quality immunoassays and fully automated chemiluminescence analyzers that deliver standardized and unbiased results. As easy-to-use as they are reliable, we allow laboratory and healthcare professionals to streamline their diagnostic pathways while ensuring complete harmonization between urgent, specialty and routine tests.

Specialized Immunodiagnostic Solutions - Diasorin

Perfect integration with
any lab setup

Pairing powerful yet simple diagnostics technology with high sensitivity and precision, LIAISON® chemiluminescence analyzers deliver automated continuous operation to ensure reduced turnaround time, optimal cost management and unmatched growth potential.

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Fully Automated LIAISON® XL System - Diasorin


Designed for large laboratories. Fuse the benefits of high throughput and high sensitivity within a powerful and fully automated system that can seamlessly connect to facilitate Total Laboratory Automation. 

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Fully Automated LIAISON® XS System - Diasorin


A fully automated, easy-to-use benchtop analyzer. Maximize productivity with optimal cost management, no daily maintenance, straightforward integration, and the same capabilities as Diasorin’s high-throughput analyzers. 

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LOINC® codes

Find out more about LOINC® codes for international products.

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