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Customer satisfaction

Diasorin’s commitment

The Group’s main objective is to guarantee the full satisfaction of its customers, by building a relationship with them based on honesty, fairness, efficiency and professionalism.

The Group is therefore committed to having tools that can intercept the training and educational needs of stakeholders – current customers or potential customers, professionals, the scientific community and ordinary citizens – regarding scientific and medical issues; Diasorin also promotes and supports activities related to Public Health issues.

Actions taken

Application of the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485:16 “Medical devices – Quality Management Systems” quality management system to all processes
Periodic monitoring of customer satisfaction

Diasorin uses a Quality Management System implemented in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 “Quality Management Systems” and ISO 13485:16 “Medical devices – Quality Management Systems”, which applies to all operational processes and
support, from product design to customer feedback.

The feedback collected is processed to verify that the product or service offered is
in line with customer expectations. Finally, on the basis of the information collected and processed, improvement activities are constantly planned and implemented.

The Group has established an in-house procedure for the periodic monitoring of the Customer Experience, which provides for the implementation of the “Diasorin Group Customer Satisfaction Survey” on a periodic basis, coordinated by the Quality, Marketing and Corporate Service Department.
In addition, an annual survey enables the Group to promptly implement corrective actions in the event of critical issues.


In 2023, the Customer Satisfaction survey involved approximately 30% of customers in the various countries where Diasorin branches operate. The survey results show a high level of satisfaction globally, with overall satisfaction of 8.89 out of 10, up from 8.81 in the previous year, and from 8.77 in 2021.

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