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Staff training and development

Goal 4
Goal 4

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Diasorin’s commitment

Considering the nature of the Group’s business, focused on knowledge and characterized by the desire to evolve and improve, the enrichment of skills is one of the fundamental pillars at Diasorin. The Group has therefore developed a structured pathway for the training and development of employees, beginning from their first day at the Company.

Every year, broad training themes are identified, with respect to which specific activities are designed and developed concerning the adaptation of employees’ technical or interdisciplinary skills, but also their soft skills.

One example of in-house training is the program focused on the preparation of technical staff who, in each geographical area, deal with the installation and maintenance of machines at customers’ premises. Indeed, service employees receive training entirely managed and monitored by colleagues who work in the same area at
Corporate level.

The Group is also committed to training employees in the field of performance management, through courses aimed at refining management leadership skills, managing human relationships, promoting dialog between colleagues and increasing employees’ sense of belonging, as well as courses related to the protection of health and safety. In 2022, courses were provided aimed not only at improving technical skills, but also at strengthening employees’ soft skills, including People Empowerment, Time Management, Leadership, Communication and Change Management.

The courses are held by internal staff or external collaborators, with a preference for in-house training, in order to enhance employees’ knowledge and expertise.

Actions taken

Adoption of a learning platform
Launch of a structured training program
Launch of onboarding programs for new hires


Training and education
GRI 404

Training and education

Training experiences have not only strengthened the skills of employees, but have also helped to strengthen the sense of belonging to the Company.

Disclosure 404-1 Average hours of training per year per employee, part of standard GRI 404: Training and Education

Number of training hours by type of training
  2021 2022 2023
  Men Women Total Men Women Total Men Women Total
Induction programs 2,873 2,884 5,757 3,565 3,156 6,721 4,473 2,593 7,066
Environmental, health and safety training 19,588 16,570 36,158 3,862 3,044 6,906 7,839 4,930 12,769
Technical and professional training 18,446 15,134 33,580 51,641 19,903 71,544 42,158 19,097 61,255
Foreign language courses 220 181 400 215 276 491 245 176 420
Manager training 7,658 8,056 15,714 1,569 2,570 4,138 1,814 1,382 3,196
Other 50,394 49,845 100,239 61,489 54,692 116,180 73,896 69,337 143,233

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