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The speed and precision to drive your results.

Delivering greater testing efficiency on a single, fully automated platform, LIAISON® XL represents a new benchmark in automated specialty testing. 
With an all-in-one process and true continuous loading, this powerful, high-volume chemiluminescence analyzer frees up time when resources are scarce. And because LIAISON® XL easily pairs with all existing laboratory automation tracks, you can easily add pre- and post-sampling modules to create a single and fully automated specialty testing solution.

Fully Automated Immunoassay Analyzer LIAISON® XL - Diasorin
LIAISON® XL Chemiluminescence Analyzer - Diasorin

LIAISON® XL main features


Unparalleled sample process management

Automatically load and simultaneously run different assays within a completely traceable process that ensures absolute reliability. And because LIAISON® XL uses a single, all-inclusive Reagent Integral format for all assays, it guarantees consistent, high-quality diagnostic results while preventing waste.

LIAISON® XL Tube Container - Diasorin
LIAISON® XL Analyzer Machine - Diasorin

Intuitive, compact and fully accessible

Single, all-inclusive Reagent Integral format for all assays, guaranteeing consistent, high-quality diagnostic results and preventing waste. This universal format is compatible with any LIAISON® chemiluminescence platform.

Compact And Fully Accessible LIAISON® XL System - Diasorin
LIAISON® XL Analyzer Machine - Diasorin

System performance

  • Random access or batch chemiluminescence processing
  • Walkaway time of up to 6 hours
  • Throughput of up to 171 tests per hour*
  • Time to first result in as little as 17 minutes*
  • Complete traceability to individual tubes
  • Intuitive touchscreen monitor with internal PC

* Assay dependent

LIAISON® XL Simulator Software - Diasorin
LIAISON® XL Analyzer Machine - Diasorin

Easily connect to automated sample processing lines

With its high throughput and easy connection to most automated sample processing lines*, LIAISON® XL allows labs of any size to achieve maximum efficiency within the available space. And because the fully automated system supports front loading of urgent samples and direct pipetting from the main line, it further reduces processing time and bottlenecks.

* geography dependent

Image Of The LIAISON® XL Machine - Diasorin
LIAISON® XL Analyzer Machine - Diasorin

Why choose

Imagine up to an 80% decrease in error potential, an 85% reduction in hands-on work, 2000 fewer hours of turn-around time required and 546 fewer technologies running ID serology – without changing the way you work.


Save space in your lab, improve walkaway times, and reduce costs

Do more with fewer resources and increase the efficiency of your specialty testing services. Featuring a compact footprint, automatic loading and all-inclusive Regent Integral format for all assays, LIAISON® XL ensures quality results, without fail, regardless of patient testing volumes.


Dynamic adaptation

LIAISON® XL automatically adapts to requests for new sample testing, easily pairs with all existing laboratory automation tracks, and guarantees consistent high-quality diagnostic results – ensuring top performance while eliminating bottlenecks in your lab. 


Long-term accuracy

Enjoy unwavering precision and reliability regardless of patient testing volumes. With complete traceability to individual tubes, better blood stewardship and the ability to perform parallel testing of a broad range of assays, LIAISON® XL is approved by the most relevant Government Authorities. 

Expert Using Diasorin XL System - Diasorin

Improve testing turnaround time
and workflow efficiency 

The challenge

Our lab supports 4 acute-care hospitals, 3 specialty hospitals and 3 medical groups. The non-automated testing method we were using required hours of hands-on time. This translated to increased labor costs, an average sample turnaround time of more than 43 hours and subsequent delays in reporting results to the clinicians. 

Why did you choose LIAISON® XL?

LIAISON® XL uses a single, all-inclusive Reagent Integral format for all assays and we were excited to bring the LIAISON® QuantiFERON®-TB Gold Plus assay on board the analyzer. In addition to accessing exclusive infectious disease assays, the platform facilitates full continuous loading, complete traceability and simultaneously runs different assays when needed.

The advantages brought to the laboratory

  • Reduced average turnaround time by 54%
  • Reduced hands-on time by 75% 
  • Improved support to clinicians for better patient care
  • Optimized workflow and increased staff satisfaction
  • Streamlined process with ≈6 hour walkaway times

Is the staff satisfied?

We are very satisfied. In order to deliver faster results to clinicians, our Immunochemistry & IT Team set a goal to reduce sample turnaround time (TAT) from 43 hours to 32 hours. After implementing the LIAISON® QuantiFERON®-TB Gold Plus solution, TAT decreased from 43.3 hours to 23.7 hours, exceeding the original goal.

Sharp HealthCare Laboratory San Diego, California
Improve testing turnaround time
and workflow efficiency

Immunochemistry & IT Team
Sharp HealthCare Laboratory
San Diego, California

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