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xMAP® Technology

The world’s most used multiplexing technology

Multiplexing is a method for high-volume biomarker testing—or testing multiple analytes simultaneously within a single run—using a single sample volume. xMAP® Technology is best suited for testing 3–500 targets.

Tecnologia xMAP®, la tecnologia di multiplexing più utilizzata al mondo

xMAP® Technology allows users to perform a wide range of protein- and nucleic acid-based multiplex assays, which can simultaneously detect up to 500 targets in a single run.

xMAP means Multi-Analyte Profiling, where the “x” represents the biomarkers (such as proteins, nucleic acids, or polysaccharides) that are being tested.

How does xMAP Technology work?

xMAP® Technology uses labeled microspheres or beads, allowing for the simultaneous capture of multiple analytes from a single reaction. Because of their small size and low density, xMAP® microsphere-based assays exhibit virtual solution-phase kinetics during the reaction. The beads are individually read using an xMAP® instrument.
When testing between 3 and 500 targets, xMAP® Technology saves sample, time, and reagents compared to singleplex techniques.

Generate more data while saving sample, time, and reagents.

xMAP® Beads

xMAP® beads pass through a red laser, or LED, which excites the internal dyes to distinguish the microsphere set.
Then, a green laser or LED excites the fluorescent reporter dye to determine the result of the assay.

Preparazione strumento diagnostico con xMAP® Beads - Diasorin

xMAP® Technology benefits


High-throughput testing and analysis

Because each microsphere serves as an individual test, a large number of different assays can be performed and analyzed simultaneously.



A single xMAP® system can perform assays using several different methods and chemistries, including nucleic acid hybridization, antigen-antibody binding, enzyme reactivity, receptor-ligand binding, and other protein interactions



xMAP® Technology generates data and accurately quantifies the biological interactions being tested. 

Instruments based
on xMAP® Technology

Multiplexing solutions for proteins and nucleic acids.

Reagents and

Different bead types, reagents and other accessories are available to produce the best results.

xMAP® applications

Explore xMAP® Technology and discover some of the many applications used by multiplexing research experts across the globe.

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LuminexPLORE Lab

Looking for custom assay design and development services with unique targets in mind? Discover the LuminexPLORE Lab and partner with the xMAP® multiplexing industry experts.

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xMAP® Kit Finder

xMAP® Technology is an open multiplexing platform used in hundreds of commercial immunoassay kits. Industry leading manufacturers offer xMAP® Technology assay kits.  To find them, use our xMAP® Kit Finder. 

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