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MagPlex®-Avidin Microspheres

Avidin-coupled, magnetic microspheres to characterize your peptide or protein of interest


MagPlex®-Avidin microspheres are avidin-coupled paramagnetic microparticles that have been color coded into 100 spectrally distinct sets or “regions.” Similar to an avidin-coated ELISA plate, when reacted with a biotinylated ligand, such as a peptide, each of these beads can be used as the substrate on which an assay can be performed.

Because each of the beads is uniquely color coded, they can be quickly distinguished by an xMAP® instrument, which allows interrogation of up to 100 different analytes, simultaneously, from a single sample. In addition, paramagnetic beads improve washing efficiency and eliminate the need for filter plates.


  • Avidin protein coated surface
  • 100 Regions available
  • Compatible with all xMAP® instruments
  • 1 mL vial size
  • 2.5 million bead/mL concentration


  • Near-covalent, biotin-binding chemistry
  • Ideal for coupling small molecules, like biotinylated peptides
  • Suitable for protein and immunogenicity applications
  • Convenient concentration for improved handling
  • Superparamagnetic
  • Improved washing efficiency
  • Expensive filter plates not needed

To be used on

Instruments designed to accelerate reliable results while simplifying complexity.



The same versatile multiplexing platform you trust with the added dimension of dual reporter analysis.

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Luminex® 200 System

A fast, cost-effective, flow-based analyzer that simultaneously measures up to 100 analytes in a single microplate well.

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MAGPIX<sup>®</sup> System

MAGPIX® System

A compact, fast, cost-effective, imaging-based analyzer that simultaneously measures up to 50 analytes in a single microplate well.

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FLEXMAP 3D® System

High-speed, highly-multiplexed assays for breakthrough research.

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Ordering info

All MagPlex®-Avidin Microspheres will ship with no less than a three month shelf-life. Actual shelf-life remaining on product received will vary and depend on available inventory. Luminex cannot guarantee customers will receive product with a specific shelf-life other than the minimums stated here. Please see product part numbers below before placing your order, to see which regions are compatible with your instrument. Please refer to our Reagent Shipping Policy for more information.

Magplex Avidin
Group A (30)
All xMAP® instruments
(Immediate ordering)
Group A (20)
All xMAP® instruments
(Built-to-order only)
Group B (30)
Luminex® 200™, FLEXMAP 3D® and xMAP INTELLIFLEX®
(Built-to-order only)
Group C (30)
(Built-to-order only)
Reg. Part number Reg. Part number Reg. Part number Reg. Part number
12 MA-A012-01 52 MA-A052-01 7 MA-B007-01 1 MA-C001-01
13 MA-A013-01 53 MA-A053-01 8 MA-B008-01 2 MA-C002-01
14 MA-A014-01 54 MA-A054-01 9 MA-B009-01 3 MA-C003-01
15 MA-A015-01 55 MA-A055-01 49 MA-B049-01 4 MA-C004-01
18 MA-A018-01 56 MA-A056-01 58 MA-B058-01 5 MA-C005-01
19 MA-A019-01 57 MA-A057-01 59 MA-B059-01 6 MA-C006-01
20 MA-A020-01 61 MA-A061-01 68 MA-B068-01 10 MA-C010-01
21 MA-A021-01 62 MA-A062-01 69 MA-B069-01 11 MA-C011-01
22 MA-A022-01 63 MA-A063-01 70 MA-B070-01 16 MA-C016-01
25 MA-A025-01 64 MA-A064-01 79 MA-B079-01 17 MA-C017-01
26 MA-A026-01 65 MA-A065-01 80 MA-B080-01 23 MA-C023-01
27 MA-A027-01 66 MA-A066-01 81 MA-B081-01 24 MA-C024-01
28 MA-A028-01 67 MA-A067-01 82 MA-B082-01 31 MA-C031-01
29 MA-A029-01 72 MA-A072-01 83 MA-B083-01 32 MA-C032-01
30 MA-A030-01 73 MA-A073-01 84 MA-B084-01 40 MA-C040-01
33 MA-A033-01 74 MA-A074-01 85 MA-B085-01 41 MA-C041-01
34 MA-A034-01 75 MA-A075-01 86 MA-B086-01 50 MA-C050-01
35 MA-A035-01 76 MA-A076-01 87 MA-B087-01 60 MA-C060-01
36 MA-A036-01 77 MA-A077-01 88 MA-B088-01 71 MA-C071-01
37 MA-A037-01 78 MA-A078-01 89 MA-B089-01 92 MA-C092-01
38 MA-A038-01     90 MA-B090-01   Only available in 1 mL vial sizes.
39 MA-A039-01     91 MA-B091-01    
42 MA-A042-01     93 MA-B093-01    
43 MA-A043-01     94 MA-B094-01    
44 MA-A044-01     95 MA-B095-01    
45 MA-A045-01     96 MA-B096-01    
46 MA-A046-01     97 MA-B097-01    
47 MA-A047-01     98 MA-B098-01    
48 MA-A048-01     99 MA-B099-01    
51 MA-A051-01     100 MA-B100-01    
Instrument compatibility
Part number
12 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A012-01
13 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A013-01
14 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A014-01
15 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A015-01
18 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A018-01
19 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A019-01
20 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A020-01
21 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A021-01
22 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A022-01
25 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A025-01
26 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A026-01
27 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A027-01
28 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A028-01
29 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A029-01
30 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A030-01
33 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A033-01
34 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A034-01
35 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A035-01
36 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A036-01
37 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A037-01
38 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A038-01
39 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A039-01
42 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A042-01
43 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A043-01
44 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A044-01
45 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A045-01
46 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A046-01
47 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A047-01
48 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A048-01
51 All xMAP® Instruments MA-A051-01


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